BIG INITIATIVE: Molty Foam installs BillBeds, now in Hospitals


MoltyFoam steps up and takes the initiative again. MoltyFoam has installed BillBeds all across Pakistan, now in hospitals, taking care and helping thousands of people getting a good night’s sleep. Its one small step in our pledge to make their lives a little easier, a little better, every day.

What began as a possibility that could inspire the human spirit is now a movement that can make us proud to be Pakistanis. The MoltyFoam BillBed Movement proves that if brands & organisations care enough, they can make a difference to peoples lives, they can inspire, and they can remind those who sometimes have no hope, that someone cares. MoltyFoam has installed BillBeds all across Pakistan, Now in Hospitals, taking care and helping thousands of people getting a good night’s sleep.

You can be a force for change and hope too. Every MoltyFoam mattress purchased will help contribute towards putting up a BillBed for someone in need to get a comfortable night’s sleep, more importantly to give hope that they can wake up to a better day tomorrow.

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Mediabites Editorial – Shoaib Naqvi


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