Zainab Murder Case: Dr. Shahid Masood's claims about Imran Ali's accounts are real of 'Fake'?


Dr. Shahid Masood, last night, in his show, had alleged that Zainab’s suspected rapist and murderer was a member of a pornography gang which also includes a Punjab minister.

Masood alleged before the judges that the suspect in custody for the murder of Zainab and other children is not “mentally challenged or simpleminded”, but rather a “member of an international ring”. He has 37 foreign currency bank accounts, and the backing of the country’s most important personality and a minister, the anchorperson told the court.

The Kasur incident has come under discussion all over the world, and the CJP, army chief, prime minister and other top officials should ensure the matter is investigated, Masood said.

The anchorperson raised concerns over the security of the suspect, saying he feared the possibility that he would be killed in police custody. He asked that the suspect be kept in the custody of an intelligence agency.

Some reliable sources claim that the documents presented to the court by Dr. Shahid masood are might fake. These are the fake documents on the basis of which Dr. Shahid Masood claimed imran Arshad has 37 foreign bank accounts. Some reliable sources confirmed Imran doesn’t have 37 bank accounts but just 1, doesn’t own a passport, never traveled abroad; so Dr Shaid Masood’s claims might are FakeNews.

These are NOT Imran Arshad’s bank accounts but rather queries made at these banks to check if he had an account there once his CNIC was released — if you were to believe this he also has a bank account at Standard Chartered Bank’s branch in Karachi next to Port Grand!

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MediaBites Editorial – Shoaib Naqvi


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