Newly released Surf Excel Ad teaches that hope is the first step towards success


Advertisement has emerged as a growing concern in the market since it plays a decisive role in widening the loop of customers. Creativity is the matrix to judge the quality of any advertisement and the newly release ad of surf excel qualifies to be called as a quality production with its meaningful, brief  ad.

The new surf excel ad is very interesting as it dissipates positive energy to the viewers. It shows that success is not given rather it is earned through hard work and consistency. This sort of ads have positive impact on minds of our people. It inspires and encourages a person that whatever are the circumstances one should never lose hope.

As we see in the ad that the kids’ coach tells the kids that he is discouraged with consecutive defeats and decides not to coach the kids anymore. Little Haroon makes the coach realize that there are more matches to come and through hard work they can win.

Learning from failure is the first step towards success and this message can be easily noticed in the Surf Excel ad which also makes it different from other advertisements.

We should appreciate such efforts by brands that create meaningful advertisements.

One of the most significant and distinctive part this ad is starring a kid who becomes the harbinger of hope and encouragement that intensifies the essence of message.

It also shows that an idea can easily turn the minds, particularly this type of creative and positive approach which is not only meant for selling goods but distributes hope among the viewers.

As we see in our society that hopelessness has become a daily business people take their own life because they see no light, no hope in their life. And this is the most miserable situation of human being. This ad of surf excel motivates one and leads the  journey from disparity  to  success. One also learns from the ad that failure is part of the game and if one is failing he should try to accept it and then try to learn why is he/she failing. Learning from the past experience and with firm dedication one can reach to the pinnacle of success and glory.


MediaBites Editorial: Mudabbir Ali & Imran Malik



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