Lahore Press Club Elections: Progressive panel celebrates 3rd consecutive victory, despite no woman in the winning row


After a series of controversies finally Lahore press club annual elections for the year 2018 concluded. Progressive panel, writers panel, journalist panel and working panel contested the election. In which Progressive panel wins with a big margin.

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In total 2027 voters were registered-eligible to cast vote. Except the post of joint secretary and two seats out of nine from Governing body, progressive panel secured all important positions. 

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Azam Chaudhary was declared as the president bagging 1089 votes while his potential contender Zulfiqar Ali got 830 votes only. Vice president Shakeel Saeed from progressive panel received 947 votes leaving behind Syed Adnan Farooq who managed to get 785 votes.

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This is the third time that Progressive panel is continuously winning the Lahore press club elections which is a good sign assuming that they will promote progressive ideas in the field of journalism but they have to take start of it from within; as it has been witnessed in the results of these elections that no female candidate of progressive panel could succeed in any of the given posts. This creates a doubt in the progressive panel either they are really progressive or its just they have selected this name.

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Hopefully progressive panel will bring expected changes in their circle as well as set an example for all the aspiring journalists in the country.

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MediaBites Editorial: Mudabbir Ali & Imran Malik


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