Failure is the beginning of success; a lesson from the life of successful people in the world


Every person looks up to someone as a source of admiration or as an ideal due to the success they have achieved throughout the years. We categorize them as strong, blue-blooded, sharp and serene. They have the tendency to cope up with all the requirements for what we know a leader should possess. We believe a leader reflects only the positive elements of self-made successful person but in reality not all the leaders are immaculate. Many of the leaders that are praised worldwide are contentious. These controversial figures are polarizing for the reasons to cause so much anger and resentment.

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Here we look at 5 controversial leaders that have gained success through their polarizing trials:
1. Steve jobs
There are numerous examples of Steve job’s terminative, bumptious and stooping behavior showing his self centeredness as to not caring about other people ideas and thoughts. His forbearance for mistakes and failures is not appreciated which also led to his getting dismissed from his own company, although he returned later and Apple owns him for the tech powerhouse it is today.

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2.Jeff Bezos
The CEO of Amazon holding a net worth of 98.6B USD (2017) is also known for his ruthless policy seeking exceedingly high performance and serious aftereffects if one is not able to achieve what is asked of him/her. Anything that interferes with ones productivity or performance can be the reason of termination later. However, People who are highly formative and competitive have no problem fitting into Amazon’s culture which also stands as the reason to its long history of success.

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3. Larry Ellison
The co founder of Oracle Corporation known for his ability to find talented and skilled employees which later, also made great names in the tech industry is an ego centric. He encourages competitions using greed and people’s fear as tools more often.

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4. Andy Grove
The Intel’s one time CEO Andy Grove contributed to the tech powerhouse immensely it is today but for the price of his employees excessive work load.  He has been depicted as quick tempered, firing people for showing up late for work.

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5. Travis Kalanick
The founder of Uber holds a high rank in encouraging sexism and also justifying it at times. But Kalanick’s unfair treatment could not stop him from gaining a great name for himself and boosting the expansion of his empire.  He is also competitive and merciless which helped great in his transformation.
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MediaBites Editorial: Mudabbir Ali & Imran Malik


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