A must read: Leaving a child alone is a huge crime anywhere in the world


I concede that Leaving a child alone is a huge crime anywhere in the world. To let her go out alone is humongous irresponsibility! No state no police can control negligence of the parents and guardians !!

Pedophilia is a rampant child abuse culture in our country! Domestics madaris teachers loners and druggists are neck deep involved in this abuse! Rape cases mostly go unreported. Fear leads to this silence of the lamb culture!

Get anal medical examinations of madaris youngsters and those who are vulnerable the street children, they will point you to the right criminals.Pedophilia is arrested with the usage of most advanced tracking technology and they are all registered, once you concentrate you will see the real catastrophic crisis that we rarely talk about. Start with Red Mosque children and the madaris in Islamabad !! Just do it – go for their medical examinations and you will arrest the 1000’s of culprits.

You got to give the victims the voice. They are being crushed. This is truth like a molten lead I am pouring in your 👂 ‘s! Face it and stop for 24 hours useless lamentation. A child abused if walks in a police station no one will listen and neither would a magistrate. Will these judges send in medical teams? Never !!

These same maulvis will be up in arms to resist the examination of their children 👶. You want to start a new chapter get into the hornets 🐝 nest. Don’t look for just that one criminal – clear the whole cancerous growth, every thana has a list of suspect pedophiles – arrest them all and you will see the change and drop in the crime rate. They also have suspect teachers – get them!

There is a way – let’s uproot this !! We all have faced a predator and we don’t talk about it!


MediaBites Editorial – Courtesy: Iqbal Latif


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