Remembering Junaid Jamshed on his third death anniversary

Remembering Junaid Jamshed on his third death anniversary by Sohail Cheema

Junaid Jamshed, what a figure and what a sad end to his controversial legacy. –Junaid started his career as a young pop singer and in matter of time, became the darling & people gave their hearts to his famous song, “Dil Dil Pakistan”–

Once his singing career hit the rock bottom, he explored another career, became the religious preacher ( never goes wrong in this business, especially in Pakistan).–Just like Dil Dil Pakistan, once again he touched new heights as religious preacher. –Along with religious preaching, he started a clothing business in Pakistan and as usual, whatever he touched , became a gold. –Despite being a religious preacher teaching modesty to the whole nation, his clothes were mainly for elite, wealthy & modern class of the country due to steep prices.

Interesting to note, Junaid’s clothing business was hit because of his past legacy & past fame ( Dil Dil Pakistan). The fact of the matter is, there are many other clothing brands by artists or famous personalities in Pakistan, which were not as successful or famous. There are few others artists & sports stars also turned towards religion and they invested into businesses, but failed. This shows that people always adored and loved his past legacy. Despite he turned into the religion, but people always chased & idealized his past and glamorous look.

Juanid, you will always be missed for “Dil Dil Pakistan”, not as s religious preacher ( those, we have dime for dozens in the country).


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