Will Coke Studio’s Rohail Hyatt save the glory this Season?


It has been more than a decade since coke studio was first aired and without a doubt, is South Asia’s most widely watched music show.

Rohail Hyatt is the pioneer and the curator of Coke Studio in Pakistan. And I could assure you, only a genius like him could create a space of fusion music in Pakistan.

The first six seasons had been produced and conducted by Rohail Hyatt. The music industry in Pakistan has touched new heights because of his tremendous work. He has integrated all music genres i.e wither, folk, classical, sufi, ghazal and even pop.

But unfortunately with time, the last but not the least season 6 had been abruptly ended. The main reason was Coke Studio season 6 viewership had declined and lost its charm completely, despite the fact that Hyatt had introduced international musicians with heavy investment but all went in vain. Finally Hyatt announced his retirement from Coke Studio season 6.

The next 4 seasons were then produced by String Band’s lead Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood. They managed to do some justice to Coke Studio but after 4 years they too decided to step down as Coke Studio producers.

Then the new era began with Season 11, which was produced by Ali Hamza and Zohaib Qazi, the leads of Noori Band. Most importantly, they both were connected with Coke Studio’s previous seasons in different ways. Even so, this season turned out to be a failure.

Now here comes the new mantra! Vital signs wizard is returning back as the producer and the curator of the 12th season. Along with it being the most expensive season of all, some new heavy investments have also been advertised through billboards and hoardings and streamers. However, the odd thing is that the pictures of the artists are missing. Perhaps, this could be a conscious effort to create a mystery among the viewers.

Now the most important question arises, how can Rohail Hyatt be innovative? Since it is a paid content, channels have already been paid to air it repetitively. How and will he be more creative and innovative by working with the same artists again? Let’s see if Coke Studio season 12 could save the glory again.


Written by Fatima Khan


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