When jokes get serious! – #DiamondFoams trolling of #MoltyFoam’s “papa jani” reaches court


“Papa Jani” pharase being used to troll Molty Foam by Diamond Supreme Foam From the youngest to the oldest, I believe every child and adult is aware of the “meri nanhi pari” ads, by Molty Foam. The “papa jani” phrase has become such a huge part of the ad that Molty Foam is now defined by it. For a long period of time and especially when the ad was newly aired, it was all everyone could talk about. The “cute” bond between the father and daughter. It was a very successful ad because people (especially girls) were actually reminded of their emotional bonds with their fathers.

However, since today’s generation is much more open-minded, the ad raised a few critics referring to the fact that the mattress is being given to the daughter as “dowry”. Recently, Molty foams competitor, Diamond Foam, has used the same phrase “papa jani” in their campaigns. The new Diamond Foam ad main purpose was to convey the message, that the mattress can be ordered online as well along with home delivery. The husband (Ali Zafar) orders it, however the wife (Mehwish Hayat) is not satisfied with choosing this brand over the trustworthy “papa jani wala mattress”. Eventually when she observes the mattress she is comforted by it and realizes it was the right choice.

Now the trolling begins… Diamond Foam placed banners all over the city stating, “Dear papa jani, I have switched to diamond supreme foam. With love” Not just the brand Molty Foam, but even the people were feeling the burn on its behalf according to a few tweets on twitter. So, feeling shake up and trolled, Molty Foam decided to take the matters to court and issued a notice from PEMRA to Diamond Foam to take down its ads. According to Pakistan’s law, taking jabs at fellow competitors is strictly prohibited. Hence, the court took control of the matter and sided with Molty Foam, stating that Diamond Foam is violating Molty Foams intellectual property.

Later, Diamond Foam were asked to take down all ads that were “mocking” the phrase “papa jani”. However it would’ve been entertaining seeing the two brands compete thorough ads instead of taking matters to the court. But I guess Molty Foam had all the rights to do as done.


By Barirah Abdul Khaliq


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