Propaganda of Ex-Jang group journalist Waseem Abbasi and PMLN activists exposed about Khawar Maneka


The article shares the visit of head  of Portuguese delegation and mission, Dr. Jose Carlos Calazan, to Pakistan. The journalist, Waseem Abbasi, misused the medium of social media to raise a propaganda. A picture of the Head of Portuguese mission with Speaker of Punjab assembly, Chaudhary Pervaiz Elahi. A random person asked about who the person (Jose Carlos) was and what was he doing sitting with the politicians.

To this tweet Ex-Jang group journalist Waseem Abbasi replied that he is the former husband of the wife of President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Another big mistake he made was that he mentioned the wife of President as the first lady. He told that this man and the husband of one of the friend’s of first lady hold immense importance in deciding the affairs in Pakistan. This information was rotated on WhatsApp Groups and was false information which the journalist believed and posted in reference to it.

People reacted furiously to his tweet and mocked him at calling the wife of President as the first lady of the country. Many of the people doubted him being a journalist who has done zero research before posting a tweet and knowing that a lot of people follow him. The incident also put a light on the misuse of social media and how wrong information is shared with people and is used to manipulate their thoughts. However, such a behavior from professional journalists should be condemned and notice should be taken in order to avoid such acts.


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