Vaping: Better to think smarter than look ‘cooler’


According to a CNN report, vaping is a main cause for lung diseases, leading to every sixth person loosing their lives in the USA. Kansas health officials reported that a 50+ year old lady with a history of health problems, became harshly ill quite soon after being hooked up to e-cigarettes. The death is not the first but it certainly did raise an alarm concern about the safety of e-cigarettes.

There is an ongoing investigation which links vaping and lung illnesses due to the increased number of death because of e-cigarettes. Although a solid reason has yet to be identified that is causing the sever lung diseases. Most patients have even reported using e-cigarettes that contain cannabinoid products such as THC.

“It is time to stop vaping” , said Dr. Lee Norman, the secretary of the Kansas department of Health and Environment and the state health officer. He continued, “ if you or a loved one is vaping, please stop.”

Doctors from different parts of the world are advising people, young, old, and especially pregnant women to stop the usage of tobacco products all together.

Moving on to our own country, health experts in Islamabad have called for an immediate public awareness on the increasing use of e-cigarettes most found between the teenagers. This is to deliver the message of the negative health impact tobacco has and aswell as to promote successful e-cigarette polices nation wide.

Lung specialist Prof Dr Javed Khan, emphasized on creating powerful anti-tobacco campaigns to raise awareness conceding the health issues caused by smoking amongst the youngsters.

Most doctors worldwide have suggested to strong ban the distribution of e-cigarettes. Over 5% of the Pakistani youth has shifted to the usage of e-cigarettes.

Moreover, Dr Javed expressed that in the composition of e-cigarettes, many harmful chemicals were being used, including nicotine which are dangerous to the human body.

These chemicals not only can cause various lung infections/diseases, but also increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases too.

Foundations such as the Bloomberg Philanthropies, are playing major role in banning the distribution of e-cig. The world is in need of such organizations where their goal is to stop large scale business such as “Juul” from supplying e-cigarettes.

In conclusion it is essential that the nations young generations be alarmed about the harmful impact that this poisonous invention can have on them. And as a part of the young community, I believe this can be done through parents, educators and campaigns. Most importantly every country should have a strict policy against the selling and usage of e-cigarettes and tobaccos. This is not a one or two day process but perhaps it could take more than an years time. But that’s okay as long has people start taking action against it for the safety of the next generation and to keep their environment friendly.


Writer: Barirah Abdul Khaliq


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