LSA 2019 winner Sadaf Kanwal bashes Mansha Pasha, says ‘She doesn’t belong in the Industry’. Mansha hits back?


Pakistani celebrities don’t seem to learn from their peers’ mistakes and our entertainment industry might benefit if they did.

Take model Sadaf Kanwal for example. She recently appeared on the show Bol Nights with Ahsan Khan and was asked the same question that all TV show hosts seem to believe they must ask celebrities: which of your colleagues do you want to bash today? Of course the question was phrased differently. “Which actress do you look at and think ‘they shouldn’t be in the industry’?” Khan asked Kanwal, who sat alongside Azfar Rehman.

“Give me some options,” asked Kanwal and when she was told there were none, she took a few seconds to think about the question before promptly replying “Mansha Pasha”.

Mansha Pasha, who is known for holding her own in such conflicts, did not shy away from sharing her thoughts on the matter and she did a good job at it.

Khan looked shocked — whether it was real or feigned has yet to be determined — and asked why. “Wasie he [just because],” replied Kanwal, who then expounded on her answer with a “She’s so beautiful she should… house…” before trailing off. When Khan incredulously asked whether she was saying Pasha should stay at home, she just laughed.

But she’s a good actor, said Khan, clearly hoping for more of a response from his guest. “I am also [a] very good actor, so?” she replied. “It’s my opinion,” she added.

This exchange follows in a long line of TV show hosts trying to pit actors against one another and actors rising to the challenge and bashing their colleagues unprovoked. From Hina Altaf mocking Muneeb Butt’s acting to Firdous Jamal saying Mahira Khan is too old to play lead roles, the Pakistani entertainment industry doesn’t shy away from opinionated statements about their compatriots.

Pasha, who was last seen in Laal Kabootar, is currently on vacation in Europe but she took the time to fire back in an Instagram Story and wrote “Fortunately for all of us, it is Allah who decides who should be where. He takes you to where you have to be. For the rest, thank you next!”

This isn’t even the first time the two have clashed over an issue. In September 2018, Kanwal went on Tonite with HSY and made some problematic statements about the #MeToo movement. “You know aap ke saath Metoo jab ho, tab boldo. Baad mai aap ko yaad araha hai metoo, So I think jab ho boldo. [You know, when you have a MeToo incident, say it then. Why are you remembering it later? I think when it happens you should say it],” she had said on the show. She added that if something happened to her, she would say it.

In response, Pasha posted this:


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