#SUPERSTAR: Everything is right about this film, except that one thing?


The much publicized and long awaited Pakistani feature film SUPERSTAR – Everything is right about this film, except that one thing. 😉 The visuals are stunning, the cast is stunning, the sets, the locations, cinematography, music, direction, art direction, costumes, the dialogues, …..all are decent. The weakness lies in the backbone of the film, that is the script….Nothing unexpected, nothing new, no bold topics or issues addressed. The story flows at the hum drum pace of a HUM TV 25 episode drama. No interesting twists and turns….No gripping, unusual story…..and thus no impact. The acting is tolerable though I must admit there are no out of this world performances in the film. The emphasis on making all shots and locations look beautiful, gives a fairytale like feeling to the entire film….so it does not look authentic.

I doubt Bhatti gate area of Lahore is that well restored, artistically lighted or that hygienic and clean in reality. There is therefore no bridge between the world of the characters of the film and the ordinary person in the audience…..Its a dry cleaned, fairy tale world of industrialists, movie stars, artistically lighted and restored old houses and dreamy theatre performances which is far from the reality of the life experiences of most ordinary Pakistanis.

There were whispers and conversation among the audience that the film reminded them and was inspired by some Bollywood films they have already seen. That is never a good sign.

The only good thing I liked about the film is the reference to real events that happened in India, with the coming of the BJP govt, where  Pakistani artists were banned across the border. That part was the most interesting. It shows how the brand image of India changed for most Pakistanis over the last decade. Where brand India was earlier largely made up of the glamorous images from Bollywood for the Pakistani public, now it is coloured by the news and actions of religious intolerance, fanaticism and hostility of the RSS and BJP mindset that sadly seems to have taken over India.

Anyway after all that hype and publicity, Pakistan’s top notch cast, director, lavish budget, sets and stunning visuals, sadly the film turned out to be an overall average, forgettable watch that leaves little impact on any one.

Watching the film also makes you realise how one must disregard most official published reviews that are simply paid, over positive planted write ups in our major publications. Only the Express Tribune was honest with their review about this film. Everybody else seems to have praised the film to the sky, very misleading. As if they were reviewing some other film altogether. Audience trust is completely lost on these publications if they continue to plant fake and over positive reviews about movies.

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