“My wife, Bushra Khan, is a blessing of God and I will stay with her till my last breath” Imran Khan


Prime Minister Imran Khan has vowed to live with his wife Bushra Bibi till his last breath. He further said that his wife is a blessing of God.

PM Khan also refuted all the rumours of his marital conflicts with Bushra Bibi through a text message to a local TV channel’s anchor-person, saying “the reports [of fight between PM and First Lady] are 200 percent wrong”.

The news of scuffle between Imran Khan and his third wife Bushra Bibi were afloat on media as a journalist, Najam Sethi in his program few days back claimed that there were serious conflicts going on between the couple and mediators’ intervention helped diffused the tension for the time being; while speculators had claimed that Bushra Bibi had left Bani Gala residency.
Earlier in her first TV interview, Bushra Bibi praised Imran Khan for his simplicity and stated that Imran Khan is not just a politician but a leader as well and under his leadership, Pakistan will move towards prosperity and development.

Only Imran Khan can bring change in Pakistan but change requires time,” she added. “He already has everything and is a well-respected man, why would he greed for anything more.” She said the change Khan wants to bring to the country, “will take time as he does not have a magic wand to fix everything”. “He [Imran] is working tirelessly for the betterment of Pakistan and I hope he will take the country to new heights,” she added.

“I know he [Imran] wants to give back to his country and has no personal interests when it comes to Pakistan,” she said during an interview to Hum News. “I think you need to differentiate between a politician and a leader, Imran is a true leader in modern times. There are only two leaders in the 21st century – Imran Khan and Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan” Bushra Maneka said.

She further eulogized her husband, saying” Pakistan is lucky to have Khan Sahib as a leader”. Bushra Maneka expressed her contentment over life after marriage with Imran Khan. She candidly spoke about the transformations they both went through in this union. She has claimed that as life partners they both have learned from each other.


Courtesy: Global Village Space


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