“Ready Steady No” makes me want to believe in Pakistani cinema, says film critic Omair Alavi


There are good films, there are bad films and then there are films like Ready Steady No!

Hisham Bin Munawar you have proved that content is more important than budget. You can sing, pen lyrics, compose songs, write a script and then direct it all … amazing!

Amna Ilyas you were perfect as Razia, the naive girl who leaves her important stuff behind in all the excitement

Faisal Saif you reminded me of the heroes who look like one of us, they are a dying breed

Marhoom Ahmad Bilal you were the reason I didn’t leave the cinema

Zain Afzal we haven’t met but after this moulvi character, I would love to me me me meet you!

Salman Shahid’s best film role since Na Maloom Afraad

Ismail Tara finally has a role that is as per his stature

And then there was the hilarious Munir Ahmed who made people laugh like crazy in the first half!

Ready Steady No makes me want to believe in Pakistani cinema!


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