Another Domestic Violence: ‘I have been threatened, abused and beaten to death many times’, Humaima Malick


After actor Mohsin Abbas Haider’s wife accused him of domestic violence, starlet Humaima Malick has come forward with her own ordeal of an abusive marriage.

Taking to Instagram, the Bol actor shared, “When a woman shares her pain, her abusive relationship with you people, what’s the first thing that comes in your mind?”


She then narrated her own story of reportedly living in an abusive marriage followed by another failed relationship.

“Although it has been years, but all these years and the pain filled days and nights still haunt me,” Malick shared. “I was only 19-20 year-old miserable young girl who can’t even share my screaming wounds with my family.”

She added, “I’m ashamed of myself today that I didn’t do anything for myself in three years of abusive marriage, seven years of another abusive relationship and then it happened again.”


“While I was working, making a life for myself and my family, I have been threatened, abused and beaten to death not only once but many times,” added the Arth actor. “I’m not scared anymore, I’m just shameful of the silence.”


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