Humaari Baari By Ten Sports – Hits The Right Chords

The cricket craze is in the air, Cricket World Cup 2019 (CWC 2019) is the talk of the town these days. The followers and fans of cricket are found discussing matches with each other on social media networks, gatherings and over phones. It looks like everyone is waiting for the matches. The zeal and enthusiasm among the people is elevated and all they want to do is watch cricket and don’t want to miss a single match of Cricket World Cup 2019. After witnessing the mammoth craze in public regarding CWC 2019, Ten Sports has launched a theme song titled Humaari Baari which is sung by Shany Haider featuring Abid Brohi.

Humaari Baari – Ten Sports CWC 2019

The song is loaded with passion for cricket. Humaari Baari is a song which highlights the hope, fanaticism and fervor which general public and Pakistanis have for cricket. Lyrics are stuffed with some real and hard hitting words and phrases which are commonly used in day to day communication; this is one thing which stands out in the theme song Humaari Baari. Shany Haider has sung the song with great strength and it hits all the right chords; ditto for Abid Brohi. Vocals are definitely apt for this theme song of CWC 2019 but the music is also very foot tapping, peppy, and new-age which is the reason why youth (particularly) currently loving Humaari Baari.


Fida Moin, the director of Humaari Baari, carefully executed the video of Humaari Baari and showed people from different cultures and backgrounds found in Pakistan – after all, cricket is collectively loved by all and this song depicts it radiantly. From interior to city and from kids to adults and senior citizens, everyone in Pakistan loves cricket and they are all found chatting and conversing about Cricket World Cup 2019. This is exactly what is depicted in the theme song by Ten Sports “Humaari Baari”.


After watching the full video, one cannot overlook the production quality of the video song Humaari Baari, it is lit and very well produced highlighting different setups and criterion which gives an impression that a very well thought production design team was behind this entire video.  The song is produced by Seeme Productions.

All in all, Humaari Baari is a great effort and hits the bull’s eyes; people (fans of cricket and good music) are loving it.

By: Fatima Shahid


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