Huawei and Dubai signs an over sized 5G contract! Watch Ad running on Burj Khalifa


Huawei and Dubai signed an oversized 5G contract. The order is close to 50 billion yuan, and in the next 5 years, it will be the world’s leading 5G project for Dubai network construction.

To celebrate this moment, the King of Dubai decided to put a 3-minute exclusive advertisement (1 million US dollars) for Huawei’s latest flagship mobile phone Mate20 at the first tower in Burj Khalifa, and ordered all the surrounding buildings to be black. light. Once again, this advertisement was given to Huawei by the King of Dubai for free.

UAE telecom services provider du has announced it is giving away free phones to some customers as it brings in the much-anticipated 5G to UAE devices.

The company turned on the 5G connectivity, which promises to offer much faster internet connections, on Saturday and can now be accessed through the Axon Pro10 handset. Du rolled out the service in collaboration with ZTE shortly after Etisalat made a similar launch.

UAE consumers will see more 5G-capable devices over the next few weeks, with du promising to bring in Huawei Mate x5G and ZTE Route.

The company had earlier introduced the fifth generation cellular network technology in the UAE by hosting live 5G consumer experiences across its retail outlets and suhoor gatherings last month.

As part of the rollout, du said it is giving away the first batch of 5G-enabled smartphones for free to some of its customers who had pre-registered for the service.

“We’re proud to have been the first to provide a live experience of the 5G network in the UAE at the fastest speed of 1.26 Gbps and first to provide pre-registration,” the telecom firm said.

“Today we’re pleased to give the first batch of Axon Pro 10 phones for free to our pre-registered customers.”


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