Converging On Cricket as a Nation Once Again


For every country, it’s essential to have a point of convergence where the whole nation can be integrated. Cricket is the focal point for Pakistan. The country has been dealing with the existential crisis for quite some time now. The specter of terrorism haunted the nation for over a decade. The economic crisis and ethnic divide followed in the aftermath but the one thing that always kept Pakistanis together is the game they love the most: cricket.

The people of Pakistan – forever passionate about cricket – have seen a lot of superstars exhibiting their superpowers on the field. From the Sultan of Swing to Boom Boom Afridi, the reckoning force of the two Ws to the bowling wrath of the Rawalpindi Express. Pakistan has not only produced talent but also provided that talent with a platform to make international careers. If it weren’t for the joint efforts of this talented lot, Pakistan would not have lifted the cup in 1992. It’s impossible to have a cricket discussion without the mention of Rameez Raja’s catch in a world cup final or Miandad’s sixer in Sharjah cup. Such glorious moments from the past give hope for the future.

With this hope, the Sarfraz 11 has once again entered the grounds of England, the land where they won their first and only world cup. While the team will exhibit their talent on the pitch the supporters will back them with their passion at home. The zeal for cricket remains in the blood of Pakistanis; this can be witnessed in the street cricket during nights or heated cricket discussions in the drawing room. One can see roadside gatherings of people watching matches on big or small screens together at shops and restaurants and showing their expressions of joy and resentment on the performance of the green jerseys. In the cities, at restaurants and open spaces, match screenings are also organized for the most anticipated matches, including the clash of India and Pakistan, which is always a full house.

Every move of the players and Pakistan cricket board (PCB) is well dissected by the 22million cricket lovers of Pakistan. From the official release of world cup jersey to the press conferences about team selection, everything was welcomed with a critical analysis from the fans. Adding to that the predictions by senior players and pre and post-match studio shows are also a hot seller during the cricket season.

It is not just cricket in HD quality that interests viewers but a blend of both video and audio by commentators that comes directly from the cricket stadium. Aly Rana, Chief Operating Officer Tower Sports, while commenting on the live studio shows said, “Ten Sports is present in Pakistan for about two decades now. We have the best studio shows and our channel provides quality pre and post-match analysis by shedding light on the star performers of every match. Our pannel includes some of the greatest former players. This gives viewers a real viewship experience.” Since everyone cannot go and watch the World Cup live in the stadium, the only thing that can give them a good feel is different analysis during matches. Conversations with players outside the boundary line and videos of training sessions and players having fun connect the fans with the team.

World cup anthems and different ads based around the theme of cricket festival are also a source of igniting fire in cricket fanatics. The official world cup anthem ‘stand by’ has already crossed many records of the viewership. The song is a product of collaboration between two artists Rudimental and Loryn which aims to unite cricket enthusiasts once again with the exciting energy and power of music and cricket together. On a local level as well a lot of different world cup songs are catching the attention of cricket lovers. ‘Humari bari’, the anthem produced by Ten Sports is also a very upbeat song targeted at Pakistani youth. It falls perfectly in line with the official hashtag of Pakistani team ‘we have, we will’.

Pakistan is telling the world that it is ready to compete with them and bring back the glory days. The team is relying very heavily on the experience of its senior members Hafeez and Malik and the vigor of young blood, Shadab and Hassan Ali. It would be exciting to see if the pacers Amir and Wahab would be able to match the excellence showed by the Waqar and Wasim in 1992. It would be a difficult task but Pakistan is known for its unpredictability and if the Sarfraz 11 can bring their A game no force in the world stop them.

In Pakistan, given the limited choices for viewing the tournament matches, the time is mature to explore the best avenues for cricket enthusiasts to view the upcoming World Cup. With HD quality video, high-quality camera coverage and amazing live studios shows Ten Sports is one of the best options for true aficionados of the sport to watch cricket in Pakistan.


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