This year give your Zakat to CHIPPA and become the part of great cause


Ramzan, the important and precious month in the Muslim world has started. It is the month of blessings for all. Whether it is the better of asking for forgiveness from Allah or helping HIS mankind, Ramzan is the best month as it is specified as the Holy month with exceptional blessings from Allah.

One of the most important part of this month is zakat as it zakat is also one of the most important pillar in our religion. Zakat is the specified amount of money that is obligatory for every financially capable Muslim to give to the poors and help them. It is very necessary to keep check that where your zakat is being invested as it is a very crucial matter in the modern world.

This year give your zakat to CHIPPA to help this organization for the welfare of community. It is not a hidden fact that CHIPPA is one of the only few welfare organization that is working for the wellbeing of the people of this country without caring about the reward. The endless efforts of CHIPPA, contribution and trust of people has named it in the top welfare organization of Pakistan.

Previous Records

CHHIPA AMBULANCE. The beacon of the enormous humanitarian services of Chhipa Welfare Association, with the largest fleet of highly dedicated fleet of ambulances, manned by paramedics and equipped with first aid box and oxygen cylinder, spread over CHHIPA AMBULANCE EMERGENCY CENTRES located at prominent places, at various roundabouts and near Government Hospitals across Mega City of Karachi and other regions of Pakistan, on alert––around the clock all year around––for Rapid Rescue and Relief, providing immediate help and assistance to the needy, the seriously injured victims of road accidents, train collisions, disasters and calamities, shifting the sick, people suffering and emergency patients, rushing them to hospitals and medical facilities, while the responding time is within 05 minutes, which further initiates the rescue operation without any delay.

HHIPA WELFARE ASSOCIATION took upon itself this responsibility for providing free cooked meals to more than 30,000 indigent citizens of Pakistan. For this noble cause,Ambulance Chhipa Welfare Association established the state-of-the-art CHHIPA KITCHEN with fully automatic bread-baking plant, which works around the clock. Chhipa Welfare Association ensures supply of cooked meals to CHHIPA DASTARKHAWAN at hundreds of its centres and ambulance booths across Karachi where people in need gather and are served with complete self-respect.

CHHIPA HOME has many humanitarian shelters under its wings. The Umbrella, under which various caretaking services are provided.

This year give your Zakat to CHIPPA


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