“Promotion on your face” is well explained, Is this what real marketers do?


Promotion on your face” is well explained in the pic attached… Is this what real marketers do?

1. Communication people are the most sophisticated among-st the team. They are known for their style sensibility. How to craft an impactful message is their forte. Strong message delivery but in a subtle and engaging way is what they believe in. The pic is the death of this very style statement.

2. Effective Communication breaks the clutter. In this pic the communication is broken. Putting all the brands together on the screen is like a bad taste cocktail.

3. Subtle marketing with religious twist is a good strategy… But the overdoze of religion & brands simply kills the very purpose… It makes your eyes soar rather then giving you a sense of relaxation and freshness… Now I wonder .. how can brands let it happen. 😎


Courtesy: Farrah Arif


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