Pakistanis Have Had Enough of Sham Idrees and others, It’s Time to Support New Talents


In a country like Pakistan where we have some real problems to deal with, our showbiz industry trying their best to entertain us by making some great dramas and films. People like #FawadKhan #HumayunSaeed #SabaQamar#MahiraKhan #RahatAliKhan #AtifAslam and many more made us proud internationally. But after the influx of these wannabe you-tube content creators, who are they just corrupting and spreading dirt in the mind of our kids and youths. These fame lickers who doesn’t have anything good to offer or provide but just constantly causing disturbance by their war of views and clicks and enjoying star status because brands and TV channels are making association with them while real and actual talents are lacking behind . People like
@duckybhai in his videos you found nothing but abusive adult slang which pollutes mind of even our school goings.
@shamidrees @shahveerjay @zaidalit these Canadian guys who actually live abroad and calls them Pakistani are good for nothing all they know is just to copy content and make videos with fake titles and deceiving viewers.
@shahmeermulti This guy make some rubbish videos where he’s seen teasing girls and innocent people and he calls it pranks.
@nasir_khan_jan, writing about him wud be waste of time and word.
So Its my request to stop watching and promoting these opportunist and kindly unsubscribe them and promote real talent ..

We have some good content creators such as @ukhano @officialkarachivynz @irfanjunejo @xeetechcare @faizasaleem90 @danishaliofficialnation @theidiotzofficial @mangobaaz @thewideside and many more ..
Please leave your feedback and share this post so it reaches maximum people because it’s high time to raise voice against these culprits too.


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