Never riding a Careem again? Another sad incident


My note for #Careem: Shame on you. Booked a Careem ride for my house-help to go after a long 2 days with my aunt-in-law in the hospital.

1. Booked a Careem ride for my house-help. Captain gives me a call asking the destination. Shared that its Korangi No#2. He cancels the ride & charges without moving from current location. Called helpline after which was sent another ride assuring that the Captain will take the ride.

2. 2nd Captain again called to ask drop-off. The Captain (well spoken) politely declined to go to Korangi No#2, saying “not my preferred area”. Again called helpline because he wouldn’t cancel & if I do, I’d be charged. Another ride was sent assuring Careem has spoken to them.

3. The 3rd Captain, arrives at pick up point & once Asma with her 7 YO son sits called me saying “you sent her off and didn’t personally speak with me. You have not bought this car and whatever Careem Care said to you, I don’t care because you did not call and speak to me” after which he threw Asma out.

My questions for Careem:

1. Have you marketed no go areas or captain prefered areas?

2. Who is your TG? Someone in Korangi is not eligible to take the rides?

3. Yes, we don’t own your cars so you can tell us “apnay yeh gari khareedi nahi hai.”?

Never riding a Careem again!

Courtesy: Eisha Salim


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