Karachi University denied the news of sexual harassment complain filed by 6 students


A complain against Assistant professor Osama Shafiq is issued, according to the submitted application by 6 students, the professor has tried to sexually harrass them and many other students.

The applicant is the final year student at the department of Mass communication. She quoted many occasions and evidences that proves the harassment of victims.

The professor try to trap students by giving them fake hopes. She said, “They offer sweet candies that they will somehow get them admitted into Mphil program and even get them jobs in the department, claim that they have strong political connections and affiliations inside and outside the university..”

The complainer has requested the Vice chancellor of University of Karachi to take a serious action against this teacher because it is also not good for the reputation of university.

However university has denied the news and termed a sexual harassment complaint filed by its students against its faculty members as “fake”, saying the varsity received no “official” complaint from any students alleging sexual harassment against any professors.


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