Why the sole purpose of Prime Time Talk shows is confined to ‘Ratings’?


Prime time talk shows are addict to petty issues with no outcomes except better ratings and business. They have turned into more like reality shows and gives soap serials with no structure and goals.

These talk shows adopts the most cliche form of debating to fulfill the purpose of argument, debate for the sake of debate. The political debates, the economic analysis and social problems discussed in these programs lack progressive ideology goals which makes these shows more pathetic. For example in past two weeks the only topic that is discussed in the prime time shows is PM’s unreasonable remark on Bilawal Bhutto. Personal attacks of our politicians on each other is not new to Pakistani politics but these topics give hype to ratings and generate the debates for the sake of arguments on these shows.

If we go in the past to find the reason behind this debating model we will find out that this model was induced by colonizer to distract the politicians and policy makers if that time from the major issues of common people. While on the other hand the model of debating followed in Mughal era has Dewan e Aam and other courts of discussion where debating was conducted to come to a single point through consensus and agreement. These sociopolitical and socioeconomic debates were conducted in the light of law, religion, philosophy and logic. These practices were most common in Akbar’s era.

The host and content developers behind these shows should also look for the topics like poverty, education and political crisis in the country.

In recent past, there was a news of leaking of metric and F.Sc papers and nobody talked about it. Badges of Engineers and doctors and other professionals are passing out from universities and nobody is talking about the increasing rate of unemployment. The content strategist of these talk shows should revise their strategy.

Our top media bodies APNS and PBA are only concerned with the Government business and their recovery from the Govt, they are doing nothing to shape-up the right direction of our media. Anchors have become so powerful that they don’t give any importance to the channel’s policy neither there is any role of producers. Even the guests come to the Prime Time shows are selected by the Anchor, mostly invite those who have good chemistry with the anchor. Since last few months many media workers have been sent home and not a single ‘mighty’ anchor raised a voice for them, as many call that a holy alliance between the owners and the anchors of the channel. Now we can find many people in our circle who have stopped watching political shows and have moved to entertainment channels; this must be an alarming situation for the news channels of Pakistan, they have to start doing high-light core issues of people despite showing ‘political’ madness on TV screens all the time.


By: Imran Malik


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