Why media is only focusing on arresting Hamza Shahbaz?


Pakistani media is becoming more and more irresponsible each day. The topics they are selecting to go on air are based on their personal advantages. And in all this true goal of media is lost somewhere in the interest of these anchors and channels.

Since last two days all news channels are airing marathon transmission on NAB’s fail efforts of arresting PMLN ‘s Hamza Shahbaz Sharif. They are playing a role to spread negativity, hate speech and uncertainty in the people because the kind of commentary they do is very provoking. They are showing unnecessary and worthless news for hours

On the other hand they are ignoring all the important matters and not conducting a single show on those topics is a great question mark.

Future of Pakistan might be in worst crisis as we have seen cheating in ninth and matric exams in interior Sindh. Government and boards have done nothing to stop this plague.

This is really a big issue for the education system of Pakistan but in a sad note Pakistani anchors and channels are busy in rat race of breaking news.

Price hike is another issue but no one is giving an in-depth analysis on the reasons and the measures Govt should take to stop this price hike

Another issue is Peshawar Metro, channels must send their teams to Peshawar for a live show on metro bus, issues must be addressed.

Live but TV channels are busy in doing live worthless coverage of Hamza and NAB saga because they have their own interests in showing them


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