Waves Rev Challenge where Rev stands as Reverse. Are you ready for Rev Challenge?


Waves is already a known brand and has been in highlight since ever. This time Waves has taken an initiative infact has given an entertaining shape to the challenge. A challenge which has created a buzz not only in Pakistan but has taken it to some other level. The challenge is driving crazy to our internationals such as Models from Canada.

Sadia Faisal accepts #WavesRevChallenge:

Nomi Qamar who has earned fame in Pakistani industry is also one of the first ones to start the challenge. The challenge has not stopped here, even our locals are also getting amused by WavesRevChallenge. Naming the locals, starting with Faiza Saleem who is everyone’s fave these days and she needs no introduction being the top notch internet sensation. Coming over to our Media , Usama and Ramsha Khan have also jumped into this circle which definitely enlarges the circle .the circle got even bigger when Sadia Faisal who is an artist and a fitness freak challenged in her own way to be a part of this challenge.

Adam loved to take #WavesRevChallenge:

It’s a natural phenomenon that nothing can be attained without powerful minds and determination. Since two years Waves has been working hard on diverse campaigns like the much known FAHAD MUSTAFAS TVC alarmed the competitors and was a big come back too. Moreover, the going got stronger as Waves had a campaign near the Bari Eid with the name of MR GOAT. While the Checkered refrigerator was the talk of the town, related campaigns were designed to add the essence to the whole idea. This is just a starter of the menu, wait for the main course following the dessert later.

Alex Baranova dares to take #WavesRevChallenge:

Nothing like this has ever taken a toll such as Waves Rev challenge and none of the brands have ever tried to wear such a risky cap. Guys, do not wait any further and indulgence in something like this is real rare so let’s see what do you have in your sleeves. #wavesrevchallenge

Ramsha does it perfectly:




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