Ten Sports Pakistan will air the ICC World Cup 2019, an unfolding statement is out


Regarding recent unfounded rumors that Ten Sports Pakistan may not air the  ICC World Cup 2019, Aly Rana, CEO of Tower Sports (Pvt) Ltd, which is a company solely owned by Pakistani nationals and based in Pakistan, clarified that Tower Sports (Pvt) Ltd is the PEMRA-licensed Landing Rights holder of Ten Sports Pakistan.

Mr Rana confirmed that the channel Ten Sports Pakistan is owned by MSM Asia Ltd, a UK-based entity, which is in turn owned and controlled by Sony Corporation Japan. Sony, a global marque brand, is headquartered in Tokyo and is a Fortune 500 company.


Mr Rana also refuted any news that Ten Sports will not be airing the Cricket World Cup 2019, and confirms that Ten Sports will indeed continue with all plans and activities to air the CWC2019 as scheduled.

“Ten Sports continues to enjoy its license from PEMRA and continues to maintain a healthy relationship with its regulator,” Ten Sports said in response to a JournalismPakistan.com report that its license was likely to be revoked.

“The channel is continuously mentioning the start date of the World Cup 2019 and pushing promos to create as much buzz as possible to promote viewership of the Cricket World Cup 2019 in Pakistan.”

Responding to the report that said that Sony Entertainment recently ran an industry-wide campaign in India flaunting its role in getting PSL broadcast suspended in India for a national cause, Ten Sports said: “Discovery Sports in India has the broadcast rights for PSL, and they chose not to broadcast the sporting event in India. Sony Corp or any of its entities were not involved with PSL with being broadcast in India or any other part of the world. No campaign was ever undertaken by Sony or any of its entities to disturb the broadcast of PSL.

Ten Sports added further that IMG Reliance, the production partners of PCB/PSL have no relation with Sony or any of its entities – both organizations are distinct and separate entities.

But we must want to know that who was behind this fake news? as the whole world is waiting for the cricket world cup and Ten Sports undoubtedly is 1st choice of Pakistanis to watch cricket. Quality programming and top-notch technical support gives Ten Sports competitive edge on others. We make a humble request to Ten Sports Pakistan management to identify the elements who tried to spread this fake news at a crunch time.


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