Secrets behind 80-Year-Old Jane Fonda’s ”Youthful” looks?


If there’s one thing Jane Fonda believes in, it’s not slowing down.

The 80-year-old actress currently stars in the hit Netflix series Grace and Frankie, which was just renewed for a fifth season, and now she’s on the big screen in the romantic comedy Book Club, starring alongside Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen.

When it comes to health and fitness, Fonda isn’t calling it quits either. Her workout book and collection of workout DVDs were a sensation in the 1980s, and while her days of high-intensity aerobics, leotards, and leg warmers are now behind her, the fitness guru still maintains her healthy lifestyle.

“I have a fake hip, a fake knee and I’ve had a number of back surgeries, so I’m sort of half-metal and half-bionic now. I have osteoarthritis and getting in and out of a car is a challenge. But I feel lucky that I did a lot of fitness work earlier in my life because it means I’m stronger now,” she told the Daily Mail in 2016.

Believe it or not, actress and activist Jane Fonda is 80 years old. She looks amazing for your years. What is her secret to stay so young? Although she had undergone a plastic surgery in the past, she speaks out against it now. Nowadays she prefers simple and easy techniques to keep herself in good shape. She talked about it in the press and you’ll wondered how to use it.

The actor was a visible political activist in various cultures during the Vietnam War and later engaged in advocacy for women. In fact, Fondawas well known – and controversial – was photographed when she was sitting on a North Vietnamese antiaircraft gun in 1972 visit to Hanoi. As a result, she became well known by the nickname “Hanoi Jane”.


The fonda was extremely successful in the 70s and 80s. She has participated in several successful films, including Klute, The China Syndrome, Homecoming and Fun with Dick and Jane. Even the controversy over her anti-activism did not dampen her ability a superstar.

In addition to the movie success, Fonda launched a new project in the 1980s: creating exercise videos. However, this was a phenomenon that almost  collapsed. At first she started to write a training book and it turned out that she was interested in making a video. When Stuart Karl from the middle of Vida asked her to do so, she refused.

“No one I knew even owned a VCR player. It was way too expensive. And there had never been a product that anyone wanted to use over and over that would justify spending that kind of money on the expensive hardware,” Fonda wrote on her website in 2012. “At first I said to Stuart, ‘No way, I’m an actor and it would be bad for my career.’”

In the end, Fonda gave in. She supposed it was a flash in a pan that would not take too much time. – “No one had ever done a fitness video before. I remember writing the script on the floor of a hotel room during a Christmas skiing vacation in Calgary. It was spit and prayer, flying by the seat of our tights and leg warmers,” the actor recalled on her website.

“I used some of my teachers and clients in the video with me, practiced for a few days, made some mistakes, did our hair and make-up, had a camera, and decided it was not a bad thing,” she continued. But it was totally wrong. Training videos have become a great success, the first was the best-selling VHS ever.

Fondahas published 23 training videos and sold millions. The fears of the star have disappeared, that nobody has a video recorder. In fact, people have bought them to watch their videos. “Nevertheless, this little exercise video has created a new industry,” the actor wrote on his website. “Women started to listen, friends said to each other,” Hey, look at this! That really works!

In 1990, Fonda discussed the purpose of the video with the Washington Post. “It’s not how you look, but how you feel,” she said. “Now I can do more than 52 years with ease and grace when I was 20 years old, I can cycle 60 miles, I can handle stress, I have good muscle tone, that’s what it’s all about, not the skin but about health.

Fonda takes a long walk every day, and she’s become a fan of resistance training, yoga, and cross-country skiing. “I’m never going to stop. The most important thing is to keep moving, to stay active. That’s what I do and that’s how to stay strong,” she told the Daily Mail.

Too many people give up on exercise at a certain point, she says. “The mistake that so many people make is that if they can’t do what they once did, then they don’t do anything. Big mistake,” she said. “We can allow our various infirmities to define us or we can say to ourselves, ‘I want to stay independent as long as possible. I want to be able to sit on the floor and play with my grandchildren. I want to carry at least some of my own luggage and not take 15 minutes to get out of a car.'”

“There are a lot of things that I can’t do that I used to do. So I do things that are safer when you’re older,” she told Healthy Living. “I walk. I lift lighter weights. I move more slowly. But keep moving. Keeping your body active is absolutely critical. If you’re in a wheelchair, move your arms.”

Fonda wanted to improve her mental and physical health through sport. – I start with the cardiovascular training. Studies have shown that one of the best ways to reduce stress through aerobic exercise, explains The Washington Post. “For many people, aerobics helps reduce the amount of chemicals, such as adrenaline, that are released into the bloodstream in response to stress.”

“I try to make sure people understand that there’s no way to fit in,” the actor continued. “You have to find something that suits you that suits you on a regular basis and you do not have to be fanatical to be effective, stay active and feel good now and it’s a long term investment in a good feeling.”

Many people retire by their 60s, but at 80, Fonda isn’t ready to call it quits. “I needed a steady job. It’s hard to be an older actor and be in regular work – people forget this is how we earn our living,” she told the Daily Mail. “I support other people besides myself and I need to bring in money. Plus, it’s fun. I never would have thought that at my age I could say I’ve been working too hard to spend time pampering myself, but I’m happy to say that’s the case.’

She doesn’t take her energy for granted, though. “If you had told me when I was 20 or 30 that I would still be acting at 80 on a show like (Grace and Frankie), I would have said, ‘You’re out of your mind.’ I didn’t think I’d live this long,” she recently told Ellen DeGeneres. “Every day I get up and I want to pinch myself. I feel very blessed.”

This long-term investment has certainly paid off. In fact, Fonda still works. After retirement in the 1990s and ’00s, she returned the next decade. Since 2010 she has appeared in Our Souls at night, This Is Where I Leave You and The Butler among others.

However, in 2010, Fonda had a major health crisis. This year a small breast tumor was discovered by a doctor when examined. She had surgery to remove it. Even though that brush with cancer was luckily a fairly non-problematic one, it made the actor think hard about life and mortality.

“I’ve always said that I’m not afraid of dying,” she said in Oprah’s Next Chapter in 2013. “And I wasn’t. I mean, I felt, God, I’ve just joined a family of millions of women who have gone through this and how interesting. What a journey this is going to be…   You know, maybe I’ll succeed and maybe not. “” I’m not afraid, I hope I will not die, but I’m not afraid to die. ”

When Fonda announced a new exercise band in 2010 at the age of 72, she had this in mind for older people. In addition to cancer, she suffered from other health problems over the years. She had her hip and knee replaced. This training was different from the others. “It’s about being the healthiest, not the fanciest,” said the actor.

But Fonda is still known for acting, not for workouts. These days, Oscar is one of the stars of Netflix, showing Grace and Frankie opposite Lily Tomlin. This was a great success as she received several nominations for both the Screen Actor’s Guild and Primetime Emmys. She continued her activist work and dealt with topics such as environmentalism, feminism and politics.

Unfortunately, the cancer problem is being repeated for Fonda. In 2018, when she was applying for the fourth season for Grace and Frankie, the star attended an interview on stage while wearing a dress on her face. -“I just want to explain the bandage. I just had a cancer taken from my lip”she explained at the BUILD series in New York.

Fonda is often asked about the plastic surgery she had, and sometimes she obviously does not want to talk about it. In Episode Today, Megyn Kelly asked her about going under the knife. The Oscar winner, however, had nothing to do with it. She replied, “Are we really going to talk about it now?” And he changed the subject.

The star later spoke with Entertainment Tonight Canada later that day and said she wasn’t happy about being asked about her surgery. “It was strange that I mentioned whether or not I had a plastic surgery,” she said. “I talked about it, but it seemed to be a wrong time and place to ask that question.”

In September 2018, HBO presented the documentary about the life of star Jane Fonda in Five Acts. She honestly understood her past. “I’m glad that I look good for her years, but I also had a plastic surgery, I will not lie to – she explained to the cameras, and the actor admitted to having something wrong with it.

“At one level, I hate the fact that I had to physically change to feel I’m fine,” he told the fund. – I wish I had not liked it. I love the older faces, I like living faces. “Vanessa Redgrave, her colleague in the 1977 drama, distinguished herself as a particularly recognized person.

However, there is a profound reason why Fondawants a plastic surgery. “I was raised in the 1950s,” she told Harper’s Bazaar in 2011. “My dad taught me that everything that was important to me was my look, he was a good man and I was crazy about him, but he sent me messages that fathers should not send: if you do not look perfect you’re not going to be loved ”

Fonda has been fighting the eating disorder for quite some time. “I was not very happy because I would say, puberty to 50?  ‘I had a long time,’ she told Harpers Bazaar. And if you suffer from bulimia, you are getting older, it gets worse. “It takes more time to get away from the attacks, however, the star was able to overcome it.

“Do not try to be perfect,” the fund added. “It’s a lost battle and you’ll just be unhappy.” Your anxiety causes you to eat too much, drink too much or anything else. – Daily meditation for 45 minutes to one hour. It keeps me calm and down to earth. ”

“Most diets focus on weight loss on the scale, and they enforce temporary (and often unhealthy) restrictive behavior. Unfortunately, this scenario sets us up to fail,” Fonda explained in a video for BeFit. Instead, Fonda recommends tossing out the scale (she doesn’t own one herself) and shifting your entire lifestyle to be health-conscious, which includes finding health-minded friends, setting a regular workout routine, starting your day with a nutritious breakfast—and allowing yourself to indulge in a piece of chocolate every once in a while.


The Oscar winner has certainly invested a lot of effort and thought in his performance. Now it seems like she really wanted to tell others what she has learned. And not only that, their old fitness videos came on DVD, so the new generation would enjoy it. Nevertheless, she is really surprised what she can do

“If you told me that at the age of 20 or 30 I would still play in 80th place on the show like [Grace and Frankie], I would say,” They were crazy, no chance, “she told Ellen DeGeneres in May 2018 – Every day I get up and want to get out, I’m very blessed. ”

Don’t try to be perfect: “It’s a losing battle and you’ll just be unhappy,” Fonda told Healthy Living. “Your anxiety will drive you to do things like eat too much or drink too much or whatever.”

Instead, funnel your energy into introspection and seek meaningful relationships with others. “I meditate for 45 minutes to an hour every day. That keeps me calm and grounded,” she said. “Trying to be intentional about how we live, staying interested, staying curious, paying attention to young people, cultivating young friends—these kinds of things are, I think, important to staying youthful.”



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