TECH BITES: ROKiT reveals smartphones that play 3D films without glasses


Two low-cost smartphones which show 3D films without the need for cheap and uncomfortable glasses have been revealed.

The firm behind the devices has curated an exclusive database with 1,000s of hours of original 3D films and TV shows, as well as access to access to Hollywood blockbusters.

Rokit, a new US-based telecommunications company, claims it has refined the 3D display to avoid the issues of eye strain, nausea and general discomfort which stunted the progress of 3D in its heyday a decade ago.

Its flagship product, the IO 3D Pro, costs only £249.99 ($299.99) and the budget version – the IO 3D – costs £139.99 ($199.99).

Rokit has also integrated a ‘life services’ bundle with the handsets which provides insurance and protection against a host of real-world issues.

The Rokit IO 3D is equipped with a 5.45-inch display capable of 720p resolution and boasts a modest but serviceable 16GB of memory and 2GB of RAM.

Its big brother however, has a 6-inch screen, 1080p resolution and 64 GB data with a better battery, processor and camera capabilities.

Jonathan Kendrick, co-founder and chairman of Rokit, said at the unveiling: ‘We could have put more memory in, but we wanted to keep the price below $300.

The Pro has a 13MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera, similar to that of the Sony 1 released at MWC earlier this year, but for £100 less.

Rokit is pioneering 3D technology which does not require glasses to watch.

It says it ‘has eliminated previous barriers to 3D’s success’.

ROK Studios is run by the Mantello Brothers, who have grossed over 80 million dollars at the box office for 3D features. They are exclusively working with OKiT’s France-based team to produce animated original content for glasses-free viewing.

ROK Productions, based in Los Angeles, the ROK Productions team focuses on creating original live-action 3D content for mobile viewing exclusively on the ROKFLiX 3D app.

ROKFLiX 3D also continues to amass content from the largest 3D content producers in the world, including major film studios.

It is only viewable through the ROKFLiX 3D app.

The firm claims users can download enough content to watch three films a week and still have over 18 months worth of content.


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