Sale at Elan store is an eye opener for those who want to open their eyes now


Wearing a brand has become one of the necessity now. No one wants to wear a local dress. Showing off of the brands has become so much important to the ladies that they would cross all the limits of manners when there is sale on some popular brand.

Recently we have seen a huge crowd of women on Elan store who apparently belong to good families or the elite class of our country. To get their desired dresses, women were literally pushing each other without caring about their fellow women.


And the site was literally pathetic.

The question here arises is that who is responsible for what happened? And what does it imply?

The capitalistic lifestyle has made clothing and other materialistic things a primary importance in the elite class. And elite lifestyle always decides the how our middle and lower classes behaves. Even the important things like education has the impact of capitalistic mindsets, as it has become a status symbol that in which school, college or university our kids are going.

Who gets the benefit here?

The benefit is obviously belongs to the business owners who are becoming so powerful that the people of upper and lower classes has become unequal inevitably. And the gap is only increasing with time

What is needed to be done? 

There is a need to open our eyes before water goes beyond limits. Buying an expensive ‘jora’ will never help us to progress as a nation and our elite needs to understand that.



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