Local digital content producers had a meet-up in Karachi Digital meet


Karachi is not only the city of lights but also a digitally advanced city where the digital content scene is very strong. In Karachi we have many digital agencies and PR agencies working for top notch and multi-national brands. It’s a fact that Karachi has the highest number of bloggers, Instagrammers, Twitteraties, vloggers and social media influencers. These digital enthusiasts are actively producing content for their websites, blogs and videos with huge efforts and dedication. Recently a meet up was held in Karachi for the bloggers and content producers from Karachi who gathered on a platform and shared their ideas.


Shafiq Ul Hasan Siddiqui, co-founder of MediaMagick and digital marketing and PR consultant, hosted the #KarachiDigitalMeet at local restaurant Kebabistan on 3rd March 2019, where he discussed about the challenges faced by blogging community and content producers along with the opportunities which are present at the moment. The discussion got quite popular over Twitter because of the interesting content which was shared by the attendees from their respective handles and this made #KarachiDigitalMeet one of the top most trending topics of Twitter in Karachi (with a reach of 4.62 million).


Khurram Zia Khan, a prominent sports blogger shared his experience and emphasized on creating well-researched, quality oriented and factual content which should either have learning elements attached to it or expresses personal experience.

“There are many opportunities on social media and digital platforms, all you need to do is to stay focused and self-motivated” said Ahsan Umar, prominent vlogger and news anchor. He also added “there is not much competition on YouTube, you can hardly name more than 10 YouTubers from Pakistan, so it’s a fertile market to explore”.

Mishaal Siddiqui who is associated with blogging added “three to four years back it was very difficult to get guidance related to blogging and with her consistent efforts she managed to become a blogger and social media enthusiast

Sagar Sami, another budding Twitteratie and Instagrammer from Karachi added “there’s a huge potential in influencer marketing and people should start taking it seriously”.

“Brands should understand the importance of niche of any bloggers; people are selling almost everything irrespective of their expertise and knowledge” expressed Arham, one of the talented social media influencers from Karachi who is running many Facebook pages at the moment with huge audience.

“I wanted to get my channel my energy to something better and that’s how I started writing and things are getting better” said Zunaira Mazher at Karachi Digital Meet. Sarah Rehman remembered bloggers from 2008 including Faisal Kapadia, Awab Alvi, Sana Salim and others, she said “back in those days bloggers used to write purely for passion and that’s how even I started there was no commercial aspect associated to blogging”.

At Karachi Digital Meet, Anum Jaffry, who is an entrepreneur and blogger, discussed about how PR agencies should focus more on quality on content and engagement rate rather than running after accounts with fake or dead followers, according to Anum, content should be focused, engaging and can offer ROI to brands. Zain Awan who is associated with a PR agency and blogging for the last3 years emphasized on “Apna Content Khud Bana lo” (Create your own content and don’t plagiarize). Unum Shafiq, a content writer and blogger with 8 years of experience, highlighted the significance of producing content consistently and how one can aggressively create content irrespective of ‘life getting busier’.

Many other Instagrammers, vloggers and Twitteraties like Mubashir Mahmood Nouman Younas, Nabia Baig, Mehfooz, Umer Butt and Manahil Sidddiqui also talked about the issues which they faced and are still facing in the blogging and micro-blogging to which everyone from the Karachi Digital Meet answered and gave them their opinions.

Closing words were shared by Shafiq Ul Hasan Siddiqui where after thanking everyones presence he added “it is the time when we all content producers should join and work collaboratively, help and support each other by sharing ideas and doing a few projects together. This way better content will come forwards, extended audience will be achieved for every person who is producing content for digital medium. Quality of content should by no means be compromised. ”

Let’s hope that Karachi Digital Meet happen again soon, as it’s planned to take place in APril, 2019 with a larger audience and content producers from Karachi.



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