Indian TV Channels have turned into “graphic war rooms”, says senior Indian journalist


The situation between the two countries India and Pakistan became very tense in the past two weeks until PM Imran Khan called for peace. However, media from both sides kept on making a certain kind of perception. Especially the Indian media was portraying that a war is going to be started between the two countries.

Indian media has not yet refrained from promoting warmongering content and getting a lot of criticism for that. Recently Ravish Kumar a senior journalist said that the reporting [on the current crisis] by Indian TV channels is quite bad. They are not reporting on the conflict as much as they are using the conflict as an excuse to build up the ruling party’s electoral prospects in the upcoming general elections. The intention of this warmongering is to polarize people and consolidate votes.

He also said that we have the problem of unemployment, for example, and many other issues that have recently emerged. They haven’t been addressed over the past five years. All these issues have been bypassed. The media is using “experts” to legitimize their [the ruling party’s] propaganda. I have appealed to people that for the next one and a half months, they should not watch television at all to avoid listening to this warmongering.

The officials said they didn’t know and it would be premature to say anything now. But there are different figures circulating in the media. Some say 400 were killed, some say 650 were killed — even senior journalists were not immune from saying them. All kinds of wrong information are being circulated under the pretext of senior officials speaking “off the record.” Even the Indian air force has said there is a lot of misinformation in the media. So it’s difficult to report on facts in such a scenario.

It is highly recommended that the Indian media should become more responsible and should avoid promoting warmongering content




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