Dr. Aamir Liaquat criticizes KFC’s Devil Burger and here is how people reacted?


Aamir Liaquat Hussain, who likes to be in the news one way or the other recently tweeted about KFC new burger named the Devil Burger. He condemned the selection of the name by the company.

Here we need to remember the fact that Aamir Liaquat started his career as host of a religious program on Geo Television from where he got his fan following based on his religious knowledge.

Later he became the part of politics and remained in news for his controversial actions. Not very long ago he became a hot topic among his fans and critics when he got married and made his romance public. After a short pause he is back again. And this time he made a ridiculous comment on a food company.

The name of the burger is The Devil Burger and the first connotation of any foodie would be a spicy burger. Interestingly in Islamic Republic of Pakistan, there names for food items need to be highly Islamic and shouldn’t cross the boundaries.

Coming of such Tweet from Aamir Bhai is one thing but the response of the people towards it is another point to be noted. People are appreciating his view as if The Devil Burger is actually an “iblees” burger. This is enough to make us realize where our collective intellect stands. It tells us in which direction our religious is heading.

Such kind of will only spread the concept pf hatred and two binaries of the left and the right where the middle way of tolerance and acceptance will not exist.

Celebrities have a huge responsibility on their shoulders as they are not only are the representatives but also responsible for the narratives that revolves in the society.


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