A Pakistan based restaurant owner is feeding homeless people for free in US


A Pakistan based restaurant owner in Washington DC is giving away the food for free to the people who can’t or don’t want to buy food.

Kazi Mannan is running this restaurant since 2013, he welcomes the homeless and even those who don’t want to pay. He cooks Pakistani food which is well appreciated by his guests.

“We honour you all same as our guest at our restaurant.” Says the owner Kazi Mannan.

He also told that he learned the art of cooking from his mother who also inspired her to help others.

As a response to a reporter’s question he told, “My mother would be very happy to know the kind of work I am doing.”

He manage to make a balance between the earning he gets from those who can pay for the food me sells and those who cannot afford to buy food.

People are becoming his fan, one of the customer said, ” Mannan is a very compassionate and generous host.”

According to Mannan he is doing this deed because God has chosen him for this task. He also said that doing this deed gives him an internal satisfaction. He also said that he was to inspire others and convey them the message that helping others is the most beautiful and peaceful thing one can do.


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