Sputnik, the international news agency has signed for partnership with The Nation


Sputnik, the international news agency has recently signed a contract with the leading newspaper agency, The Nation. The agreement was signed when Alexei Volin, Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications, and Mass Media paid a visit to the country.

Sputnik is a news media agency located in Moscow, which transfers information regarding political and economic situations of the world to the international audience. The news is delivered in Chinese, Spanish, English, and Arabic.

The agreement is basically signed to establish and develop stronger media ties by transfer of information in the English language.

After signing the agreement, Volin stated that:

“We are happy about making the first step to develop media cooperation with our Thai partners. Sputnik has been active in Southeast Asia for years, but has not worked with Thailand before.” 

Both the parties have agreed to this agreement for a long-lasting relationship. This relationship would allow the exchange of content among different audiences. The exchange would allow cultural harmony and strong cultural bond among both countries.

Sergei Kochetkov and Rameeza Majid Nizami signed the agreement on the behalf of both the countries.

First Deputy Editor-in-Chief Sergei Kochetkov signed the agreement on the behalf of Sputnik. He said that:

 “Pakistan is one of the most important political actors in South Asia. We are glad to have the opportunity to receive exclusive content on the events in the region and the opportunity to deliver verified information to our Pakistani audience, including what remains untold by others.”

Editor-in-Chief Rameeza Majid Nizami showed his gratitude and excitement after the agreement was signed. He said that:

“We are delighted to be partnering with Sputnik to bring Russia to Pakistani readers, who are very much interested in unbiased news coverage in this deeply politicized world.”

Both the countries hope that this agreement will help them in establishing a stronger bond ignoring the cultural barriers.



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