Samsung’s Galaxy has a launched a range of Foldable phones, 5G and phones that charge each other


Samsung has launched a new smartphone that can be mold into a tablet.  A smartphone that can charge another smartphone when sandwiched together.


Samsung is making bold moves with its new lineup of Galaxy S10 smartphones, which were announced Wednesday at its “Unpacked” press event in San Francisco.


Following a year of slower sales growth — due largely to the S9 models not being different enough from its successful Galaxy S8 products — the company hopes a handful of innovative features will inspire consumers to trade in existing devices for newer models.


The Galaxy Fold

Samsung kicked off its event with the debut of the Galaxy Fold, a 4.6 inch-smartphone that can open up into a 7.3-inch tablet. Along with Samsung’s long teased Infinity Flex display, it has a hinge system that can’t be seen from the outside. The luxury device, which will cost $1,980, hits stores on April 26.

“We are creating a new dimension for your phone and your life,” a Samsung spokesperson said during the event. “It doesn’t even define a new category; it defies a new category.”


The Galaxy Fold, which will be available in black, silver, green and blue, supports three apps at one time: You can watch Netflix, Google something and answer text messages at the same time.

  • Consumers who flock to big screens, whether for gaming or the ability to see more of their data in one place, may be attracted to the unique concept. Samsung has already proven that there’s interest around larger-screen smartphones with the success of its Galaxy Note line.


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