Pakistani Music Industry is Facing Major Content Crisis


You don’t have to go so much back in time to find ever melodious Pakistani songs which are still not outdated. The present generation might not know the time when MTV, AGG, ARY music were the prime source for the musician to spread joys around, but they are still familiar with Dill Dill Pakistan and Disco Diwanay.

Pakistani Music Industry has more technological advantages, there are more chances of exposure for the musicians than ever before. There are many platforms like Coke Studio, Nescafe Basement and Pepsi Battle of Bands which are providing chances to new talents. Despite this Pakistani Music industry is facing a great crisis in case of producing original music.

Most of the music that is produced nowadays is driven from the old songs or remaking of already produced songs. The trend of the remaking of old songs is getting more popular. New and original music production is negligible.

Back in the 80s and a decade after that, there were fewer opportunities than there are now but that era is famous for its music not just in Pakistan across the border. Awaz, Vital Signs, Noori, Fusion, Junoon, Strings and Aaroh were the top bands of Pakistan are still admired. Ibrar-ul-Haq started from Billo and made many hit numbers in a span of five years and also Jawad Ahmed created some good melodies in that era. These singers followed the trend of individual album release so they were making efforts to produce unique music.

Nowadays trend of marketing of music has changed, an album or a song doesn’t get attention unless it is featured in some Bollywood movie or other platforms like Coke Studio. This might be because of the inclination of youth towards other mediums rather than television.

Patari is a great effort to give Pakistani Music another chance to make its worth but the problem remains same that there is no original creation of music. Coke Studio helped music lovers to gather some hope in the earlier season when local music was introduced. Mai Dhai and Chakwal Groups made a lot of fame but in later seasons Coke Studio lost its worth and much criticized by the people.

It takes a lot of input and energy to launch a song that has good music direction as well as good lyrics. Nowadays art is not for art sake anymore. The inclination of art making is more towards business and easy money making.

However, social media is another platform for unacknowledged artists, where they are making efforts to make their way into the industry and we can only hope from them as well to fill this gap of uniqueness in songs and stop considering shortcuts to become famous. While there are others who are doing great work and getting a lot of fame through YouTube like Shamoon Ismail and Moore (a vlogger). These singers have introduced Pakistani Music Industry with totally new genres.


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