Indian violation of Line of Control


Line of control (LOC) was violated by Indian aircraft, Major Asif Ghafoor Director Genral ISPR informed in his tweet this morning.

In his tweet he mentioned that Indian aircraft has violated line of control and an immediate action was taken against it upon which the aircraft went back.


He later added that the aircraft faced “timely and effective response from Pakistan Air Force” and ended up releasing “payload in haste while escaping which fell near Balakot”. Payload is the carrying capacity of an aircraft, which is usually measured in terms of weight. This could include cargo, passengers, an explosive warhead or any instruments.


Indian aircraft went back in haste while releasing a payload which fell near Balakot.

Fortunately, there  was no casualties and damage occurred, military spokeman said.

Though there is no response on LOC violation from Dehli yet for further investigation on the matter.


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