Famous filmmaker and photographer Madiha Aijaz passed away in Karachi


Photographer Madiha Aijaz passed away in Karachi on 2nd of February. Madiha was a very famous photographer and later became a well-known filmmaker. She won multiple awards for her amazing work.

According to the relatives of Madiha, she got a cardiac arrest and passed away in hospital in Karachi.

Aijaz was very popular for her exceptional and unique work in photography. Her photography involved a lot of exploration and for that purpose, she was awarded several residencies to continue her work. She is also an author of book Call to Conscience which features her photography of Hindu Temples in Pakistan. She wrote several pieces for Herald, along with a few other publications.

Filmmaker Madiha also received a lot of admiration for a documentary on travelling fairs and performers in Pakistan. Her observational documentary These Silences Are All the Words had just been selected for a screening at the 48th International Film Festival Rotterdam.

On her death, her fans and family shared their grievances on all over the social media.





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