British diplomat praises Pakistani motorway police services


The Motorway Police has been appreciated many times for doing exceptionally well work. This time it came in headlines when a British diplomat has praised the services of the department.


As per media reports, Mr Butcher, the Rule of Law advisor with UK Government made these appreciative remarks in a letter he wrote to Ishfaq Ahmed Khan, Director General of Motorway Police. In the said letter, Mr Butcher recalled the help he received when his vehicle broke down on the motorway near Sukheki last month. While his vehicle was stranded and helpless, the authorities sprung into action immediately and reached to assist him.

L“But was extremely pleased with the service provided by your fine officers. From the moment that I contacted your control center, the arrival of the mobile workshop personnel and the complete calm and professionalism offered by your patrol officers, I was thoroughly satisfied with the service.” – he wrote.


Mr Butcher personally thanked the officers, Asghar Ali & others for their professional attempts to help him and keep him updated in the time of need. The diplomat also expressed his thankfulness and gratitude towards DIG, requesting him to convey his best wishes and appreciation towards the concerned officers.


He also wrote in the letter that he had been working in Pakistan for a decade and professional organizations like Motorway Police makes him feel happy and appreciative towards the country. He wrote they make him feel ‘completely at ease and reassured’.





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