Jazz/Veon reportedly layoff approx. 200-300 employees, why?


This seems a hard year on the employees working with Jazz as the company is cutting down almost 200-300 employees this year.

The need to cut down the amount is due to the ever-growing demands of digital market. Jazz is willing to remove this huge number of their employees across the country to become leaner.

The company has not yet released the list of the employees whom they are going to drop. Some sources have told that the company has finalized the list. Moreover, the employees will be the recipient of sizable severance package, which would be in line with the company.

Reportedly, the company is offering to continue to provide airtime benefits to the employees who are being laid off. The packages will continue to operate in the same ways as before when they were on their jobs. Same is the with friends and family packages.

The CEO of the company Mr Armir Ibrahim pondered upon the point that the company is continually striving to become a modern and digital organization in order to provide better services to its customers.

Here is something cynical about is the company’s strategy to cover its behaviour towards those 200 employees who were not given any reason to get laid off. The termination letter to most of the employees sent to their homes when they were at their offices working. This unkind behavior can be justified?

Here the question of company’s sustainability is raised as the Jazz has not launched any new service packages to its customers. The announcement of laying off employees is unjustified and cannot be justified with excuse of providing better and quick services. Contrary to this if the company is going towards better services then they should hire more resources.

From this situation, the fact that the company is not going through the best of its times is very clear. We can easily extract from the current sustainability of the company what the company is going through as the 3G subscribers of Jazz are constantly decreasing day by day and the eventual increase in 4G LTE subscribers is seen which is also something to be worried about for the company because this has a dominating impact on the market

However, the company is expected to increase the number of medical benefits to its colleagues and their families in the year 2019 but the lay-off is clearly not a good strategy to strengthen the company.

Jazz CEO Aamir Ibrahim informed the company with the following detail message:


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