Is Emraan Hashmi the only one worthy of “Serial Kisser” label


Bollywood movies were never as amatorious and erotic unless Emraan Hashmi came into B town. The actor is known as the serial kisser of the Bollywood because of his sensational scenes in his movies.

The movies that he opted to work in are mostly related to feminist and social issues that make a lot of sense to especially those who are not so much into bollywood’s surreal kind of romance where Shahrukh Khan is considered to be the king of romance. Because of his exceptional movies, Emraan Hashmi got his place in the industry.


In the start of his career, he worked in Murder, which too was a feminist movie, and faced a lot of controversy because of his scenes with Malika Sharafat.

Most of his movies are the product of Bhatt productions and proved to be successful on box office.

The ever handsome Emraan Hashmi never cared about his repute on screen and did his work with passion. Although we have seen him romancing a lot of women on screen he is a very family person in his personal life.

Many new actress gain popularity and place in bollywood like Jacqueline Fernandez, Kangana Ranaut, Malika Sharafat, Tanushree Dutta etc after working with Emraan Hashmi, so this serial kisser proved to be most comfortable to work with and well liked by all the co-actors.

The star has played a lot of role in changing the trend of bollywood and made the on-screen kissing something normal and acceptable for the coming generation.

Here is something to be worth putting your attention to is the fact that although the label of serial kisser has been given to Emraan Hashmi the worth of all those women he kissed in the case should not be taken for granted and must be considered best at their jobs.


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