Here Is An Exciting News For Football Fans In Pakistan. ‘Kaka and Figo have landed in Pakistan’


Today,10th of January is going to be the most exciting day for football lovers in Pakistan as the two football stars are coming to the country. Yes this is true that Brazilian soccer player Ricardo Kaka and Portuguese Luis Figo are coming to Pakistan today on 10th of January 2019.

The players would visit Lahore and Karachi as well to meet their fans. In Lahore they will be appearing publicly in Packages mall while in Karachi they will conduct a press conference in Pearl Continental.

The major purpose of the visit is to unveil World Soccer Stars Pakistan Tour. Reportedly TOUCHSKY GROUP which is owned by British Pakistani Ahmer Kunwar is the working brains behind the whole event. According to the sources this event would lead to more such visits in Pakistan in the first quarter of 2019. So this might be considered as a new year present for the nation.

The players themselves are very excited to visit Pakistan as it would be their first tour to Pakistan. Brazil’s 2002 World Cup winning star Kaka released a video message to in which he showed his excitement to visit Pakistan. He said, “I am delighted to visit Pakistan and play an instrumental role in promoting and helping football in the country. I have never been to Pakistan so I am really excited to come and play football whilst helping unearth hidden talent.”

The other Portuguese legend of the football world, Figo shared his excitement in these words, he said, “It’s exciting to see another emerging country in Asia embrace football.  I’m certain in a population of 220 million there must be huge potential waiting to emerge into the international scene.”

The news is great as such visits contribute to the promotion of not just football but other sports as well. This is going to be the message to the world that Pakistan is a peaceful country that resides the people with a lot of talent in them.


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