Gillette Ad creates Controversy: Calling for Boycott of the shaver


#Metoo movement is getting increased hype and support day by day. Each day new films, dramas and ads are being made that promotes “speaking up”, “not anymore” kind of slogans.

Watch the Ad here:

Gillette ad came under much spotlight after it faced a controversial impression on people. For three decades, Gillette is using the slogan “the best man can get” which implies for an individual with hardcore masculinity and depicted as the dominant part of the society. But this idea was appreciated way back in the ’60s where these ideas were well liked and considered to be good from a marketing point of view.

The release of new Gillette ad illustrates #Metoo movement and bashes the hierarchy in society, using of such ideas in the corporate industry has shown the power and influence of 15 months old #Metoo movement.

The release of this ad also depicts that the shift of hierarchy in the society is also controlled by multinational corporations through the trend of gender and cultural branding.

The new Gillette ad also represents the shaping and evolution of ideas about family and relationships in the #Metoo era.

However, the ad is not only getting a lot of appreciation but also a lot of criticism as well. The number thumbs down on YouTube is 223,000 and number of likes is19000. So Gillette has pretty much contributed to this new famous movement.

Piers Morgan, a TV presenter tweeted after the release of this ad that, “This absurd virtue-signalling PC guff may drive me away to a company less eager to fuel the current pathetic assault on masculinity”

Probably he is referring to that part of the ad that promotes the idea that “boys will be boys” should not be used as an excuse of the bad behaviour of men.

Meanwhile, those who praised the intentions of the company, they have also warned that the ad unwittingly reinforces the idea that bad behaviour is normal became all men take part in it. A large number of right-wing activist are vowing to #boycotGillete which is also something to put our attention to.


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