CM Buzdar once again under the reckless criticism of Anchors for a rookie mistake


Electronic media, more than social media is representative of people at large. Media people are not just representing the nation on the international level but also plays its role in shaping the behavior and control how people express themselves.

These days anchors and hosts would say anything for the sake of rating and this leaves a very bad impact on viewers without us realizing it.

Recently, a very tragic event happened in Sahiwal. Two people were brutally killed in front of children, by police evidently. The CM of Punjab, who is criticized a lot these days did another rookie mistake of going to those kids with flowers. Media made a huge deal of this gesture and conducted a lot of talk shows about it.

Here, the question of the media’s role has to be raised, that why such tragic events are presented in the most provoking way by media representatives.

In Jasmine Manzoor’s show, the host herself got really acerbic while hosting the show on this act of Chief Minister of Punjab.

The host criticized the CM and PTI government. She said that the PTI government has done enough bad and it is the time they should stop claiming that Usman Buzdar is eligible for this rank.  She added that the act of CM was not only ill-suited for his rank but also inhumane. Furthermore, she added that she  agrees with the tweet of Hamid Mir in which he has criticized Usman Buzdar for bringing flowers for the victim kid in the hospital.

Media has a huge role in building a national narrative. The narrative building is always an element of power politics, keeping this in mind the question of why the whole media is highlighting a relatively insignificant thing and not the investigation of the tragedy is naturally raised in a rational mind.

Although the event is tragic to the level that the whole nation has trembled upon the thought of it but such kind of shows are only adding fuel to the fire.

How long is this news going to sustain and how long will these hosts are going to remember the pain, the victims are going through is another question to be raised


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