Cabin crew members of PIA will have to lose their weight, to save their jobs


The cabin crew members of Pakistan International Airlines, PIA, have been recently commanded for the least expected task when they were asked to lose their weight to maintain their jobs. They are asked to lose their weight up to the “desired standard / IBM”. The consequences of not reducing their weight might result in losing their jobs.

The decision is taken by the management to reduce the wavier of 30lbs of excess weight to zero lbs as their target in the coming months. A circular is issued to the employs which said that all the crew members with 30 pounds above the set limit, need to reduce their weight up to 5 pounds each month till July 2019. The circular also stated that the crew members who will be found to have 30lbs above the set limit after 31st January 2019 will be grounded and sent to the Air Crew Medical Center for medical evaluation and will be put under observation until they lose their weight to the standard limit.

Subsequently, the management has made sure to convey this message to all the employs that their weight check will be carried out accordingly, without a delay and they will have to stick to the schedule strictly. Furthermore the circular also directed those crew members who are already on the weight check to report to the grooming cell up till the 15th of each month for their clearance of international/ domestic flights in their next roster.

However the crew member seems not to be very happy with the decision and aims to challenge the decision in Supreme Court if not taken back.


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