Anchor Asma Chaudhry waives 1.4 million of dues to settles her financial issues with NEO TV


Renowned anchor Asma Chaudhry seeking her dues amounting to Rs 3.4 million from Neo Television has settled for Rs 2.0 million.

In a hearing in the Supreme Court, Asma who was sacked by the channel without proper notice claimed that Neo owed her Rs 3.4 million.

However, the counsel for Neo told the court that the organization owed her only Rs One million.

The chief justice then suggested a figure of Rs Twomillion to which both Asma and the organization agreed.

She was subsequently handed over four post-dated cheques by Neo managers each amounting to Rs 0.5 million. The first cheque can be presented in three days. The remaining cheques can be encashed before the 5th of every month.


This story actually appeared in Journalism Pakistan’s website


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