‘PM Imran Khan tried to kill me, but i am still alive’ Sr. Anchor Nusrat Javeed


Senior Pakistani journalist and anchor, Nusrat Javeed on Saturday late night said on social media that ‘PM Imran Khan tried to kill me but i am still alive’. This incident happened in capital Islamabad while he was returning to home from sector G-8.

Talking to Naya Daur’s web editor Ali Warsi, Nusrat Javeed said that he was driving to his home from G-8, Islamabad, when suddenly shots were fired at his car near the G-8 Imam Bara.

“Both the tires on the left side of my car were burst and completely damaged. Then six men in plain clothes came and tried to take me away. The plan was to kill me”, he said.

“They must have thought that I’d be intoxicated but since I wasn’t, they left me alone”.

The senior TV anchor confirmed that he had reached home and was safe. “Yes, I’ve come home. I’m completely safe now, have had some water too”, he said.

Nusrat said he hadn’t filed a report with the police. “Which police do I report to? This Imran Khan’s police?”

He said he had ‘absolutely no’ intentions to report this incident to the police.

Earlier on December 8, Nusrat Javeed had tweeted that ‘it is 1:16am and Prime Minister of Pakistan has tried to get me killed’.

‘I know who did it’

Responding to a tweet that alleged him of falsely accusing PM of conspiring to murder him, Nusrat called for a probe.

Another Twitter user named Mishal Durrani reminded him that he could be charged for false accusations on the Prime Minister of Pakistan. ‘Please go ahead’ was Nusrat’s response.

“It was to get me killed in the name of KILED BY DRUNK DRIVING. I’m grateful to PTI trolls to prove my suspicion by their incessant tweets”, tweeted Nusrat.

Nusrat Javeed was host of a TV show ‘Bol Bol Pakistan’ but Dawn News had taken the show off air last month, citing ‘financial crunch’ and poor ratings of the show.


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