Senior Anchor Mubasher Lucman and Team Khara Sach has resigned from Samaa TV


Pakistan’s most senior Anchor, host of Samaa’s prime time program ‘Khara Sach’, Mr. Mubasher Luqman, has resigned from Samaa News. He shared this information of resigning from Samaa News on social media.

The former director and producer, has now resigned from Samaa TV and has added to his long list of resignations. The first of which was from Business Plus, after which he joined Express News as the host of the prime time news show ‘Point Blank’.

The Aitchisonian later switched to Dunya News where he hosted the programme ‘Khari Baat Lucman Ke Saath’. He resigned in 2012 and joined ARY News, hosting ‘Khara Sach’, through which he exposed corruption and lies of multiple. The show was banned by PEMRA due to outspoken words that PEMRA had deemed unfit for television; however Mubasher later won the case, but resigned from ARY News as well.

Mubasher later joined BOL Network and hosted the programme ‘Meri Jang’ for a short period of time before the channel was served a notice and shut down by PEMRA. He then briefly joined Channel 24 as the host of ‘Khara Sach’ and resigned to become a part of Samaa TV where he hosted his hit show ‘Khara Sach with Mubasher Lucman’.

The film director-turned-journalist has now resigned from Samaa TV along with his team. The last show will air on December 27th, 2018.

Where will Mr. Lucman be headed next? that is still s secret by the renowned anchor!

But our guess is that he might be joining GNN or Aap News!

On a serious note, Samaa TV  must be in a crisis as in a short span of time there all three Prime Time Anchors have left Samaa. The resignation spree started from Nadeem Malik, who was doing main 8:00 PM slot successfully. Then Shehzad Iqbal left the 10:00 pm slot and now Mubasher Lucman, a big name for 11pm slot is leaving Samaa. Some insiders says that family politics is now the main reason behind these quick resignations.


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